Using Spirit Guides For Personal Finances
Talidari's Interview With Erin Pavlina

We invite you to join us here at looking deeper into the possibilities of using supernatural beings such as spirit guides in improving your financial situation and possibly achieving financial freedom.

The secret weapon of many financiers and millionaires!

"What is essential is invisible to the eye."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Little Prince
I believe there is more than meets the eye. Still, I was long skeptical about the existence of angels and other supernatural beings and was reluctant to give them a second thought until recently. For most of us it is weird to be talking about the subject of otherworldly beings, but in the spirit of being open-minded we do it. It is quite fascinating topic, actually.

AndeliI don't know at what stage of your life's journey you are, but no matter how far or near you are, I invite you to open your mind to the idea that there are other forces in nature that are invisible to most people and that could be used for own advantage. If you open to it, you might get some answers and guidance you need.

Let's face it, we humans are not that capable as we'd like to be. Often we need help that is not limited to human powers. That's why most cultures have developed some form of spiritual practices in order to guide us, some of which include praying celestial beings for help and doing rituals to praise them or call them for help. Most cultures have beliefs and myths about supernatural or mystical beings such as angels, devas, holy spirit, nature spirits, fairies, nymphs, kobolds, goblins, poltergeists, ghosts, avatars and other non-physical entities that reside on other planes of existence.

If you are like most people, you struggle. It doesn't have to be that way. If you can't manage it yourself, neither you get enough help from other mortals, we invite you to turn to other benevolent ethereal beings. Most people turn to God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, saints and other religious beings and they get some help, which is great. Nevertheless, there are many people who still feel lonely and get not enough help through their prayers. If you are one of those who could use some spiritual help, then read on.

We all need help in some matters from time to time. Even if we are doing fine, we could always do better. Spiritual guides are not there to predict the future for us but are there as navigation to help us reach our destination/goal.

Since one article can't cover all the aspects of life in which we could use some help from above, we take one at the time. This time we are focusing on the financial aspect of life, since most of our readers struggle with that.

For this topic we invited a competent person from the States to explain us more about how spirit guides could help us for personal finances, so here is my interview with her:

Interview - Erin Pavlina

Erin Pavlina is one of the most highly regarded and highly sought after intuitive counselors in the world today. As a psychic medium and intuitive counselor she offers intuitive one-on-one readings (per e-mail, phone or in person) as well as support in form of articles, podcasts and videos on her blog. She uses her intuitive abilities to connect with spirit guides who pass on information designed to help others to achieve the life they desire. Her connection to spiritual guides has given her a powerful perspective on the spiritual forces molding the lives of people and this planet. She is author and speaker on topics of personal development/growth.
More about Erin »

I also booked a reading with her and am satisfied with it, but I won't know if the spirit guides gave me a good advice for another few months or even years. I am quite positive that the financial advice was a good one. My spirit guides told me that my best path is going to be to create my own material and sell it. I was further told that my best source of financial reward is in sharing my personal journey and going forward with my "Virtuology" program. I was told I should translate my "Virtuology" program in English, make a particular sales funnel of an ebook, a course of 10 modules, membership site, one-on-one coaching and speaking engagements. I was told not to do anything else (I planned to do some investing on stock market and in another business, as well as doing affiliate marketing) but to focus on developing my "Virtuology" program, which they said it was perfect :) There was more to it but this is just a brief summary of my email and phone reading.

I don't want to be responsible for anyone's possible outcomes, so I distance myself and don't actually recommend a reading with Erin but instead I recommend that you follow Erin's tips on how to strengthen your own intuition in order to hear the messages of your spiritual guides yourself.

If you think there is something wrong with contacting spirit guides read this article »

You wrote on your blog that you use your gifts to help people remember where they came from – so where do we come from?

We are loving tendrils of Source Consciousness who chose to incarnate to experience life in a physical body. We come from Love, we will return to Love. And there is nothing you can do to lose connection with Source, even when you don't remember you came from it.

You said you encountered Jesus. Could you share with us something about that?

"But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come."
- Jesus (John 16:13) 

When I asked to connect to the Christ energy I was immediately in the presence of a most loving being, who was wise, evolved, ascended, and spiritual. The energy was almost too much to bear, like a bright light shining in your eyes, washing over you with love, understanding, and great compassion. It was beautiful.

Great! But did he say something or gave some message that could be relevant to you or all of us?

The only message he conveyed was that I was loved unconditionally, that I was beautiful, and that I was wonderfully perfect just the way I was. Although that was the only message he conveyed, I could still sense his wisdom in his energy without him having to say anything about it.

What or who are the spiritual guides? Are they same as angels?

Orkut Scraps - AngelsSpirit guides are non-corporeal beings chosen before we are born to guide us on our paths. Our higher selves determine what our life intention is and ask the guides to help us achieve what we desire.
Angels are celestial beings on the other side who are guardians, helpers, protectors, and comfort us during emotional and physical crises. They guard the doors between our world and others.
Some spirit guides have incarnated before as humans. But angels do not incarnate as humans.
Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Archangels Defined »

When you say higher self, what do you mean?

Our higher self is who we are when we are in the ether, our over-soul. Your higher self is the sum of all your lives and experiences in the ether and on earth. Further reading »

Does everyone have a spirit guide? Should everyone try to contact them?

Yes everyone has several spirit guides on the other side. Some are more involved in your life than others. Here’s a good article discussing the different guides you can have: All the Different Spirit Guides
It's not necessary for you to have a conscious conversation with your spirit guides. It is helpful, and you can obtain wisdom and some foreknowledge, but people have been having great lives for millennia without ever having a conversation with one. So I would say it's helpful but not necessary.

Do spirit guides predict future?

Our life is not predestined, the future is not set in stone neither pre-determined so how can someone reliably predict what is going to happen? They can't. We have free will and the ability to completely change our fates.

Think of your guides like rangers in a park. When you ask for directions to the destination of your choice, they give you options and tell you what you can expect on each trail and even make a recommendation, but they don't decide for you which trail to walk. You are free to choose the path that will give you the experience you desire. Some people want an exciting path full of challenges, others prefer a quiet and easygoing way, some want to take side-paths, whereas others take the high road... The guides can tell you how to prepare for the path, but you still have to buy the supplies and pack them. Some people find out there is an easy trail to the top but never get started. Guides aren't here to control you or your path. They offer a viewpoint which you may accept or reject. They give you information about the path. But you can still attract obstacles to you even if you're on the best possible path. An obstacle is not something to be feared or avoided. It is there to be met. You must also understand that the guides may know something that is about to happen to you but can't tell you because it will rob you of your power or derail something important. 

Imagine your spirit guides are floating above the forest you are in. Being above, they have a good overview of your situation. They always know where you are and what is ahead of the path you are on. They can also see where you’re going, up to a point. One single choice you make along the way can derail you. If you contact the guides hovering above your forest, they can prepare you to face what’s around the corner, and to inform you of what you’ll need to safely navigate the road ahead.

Imagine being in your forest and there was only one path, and all you had to do was follow it to reach the other side of the forest. You weren't allowed to veer off the path, explore deeper territory, or even backtrack and try another path. Why bother living? What would be the point? In reality, we are dropped off in this forest and we’re allowed to explore at our own discretion. Further reading »

Orkut Scraps - AngelsAs a psychic medium you are obviously able to communicate with spiritual guides, but what advice can you give to others who are much less intuitive than you are, who would also like to be able to communicate with their own spiritual guides on matters of finances, for example?

The best way to connect with your own guides is through dreams or meditation. That will put you in a receptive state so you can communicate with them. If you can learn lucid dreaming (being aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming) that will greatly assist you in being able to have a conscious conversation with them.
I recommend my product “Raising Your Vibration” as a good tool for meditation and raising your vibration to make contact more likely.





"...your higher self is your true essence, your soul, who you are when the veil that shrouds life is pulled back and you remember exactly who you are and where you came from. Your higher self is the part of you that is most conscious, the operator to your avatar. It’s like if life was a video game, the incarnated you is the character and the higher self is the gamer sitting behind the scenes eating pizza and drinking soda while influencing and guiding the character through the game of life."
- Erin Pavlina
from the article:

Is guidance from your higher self better than guidance from your spirit guides?







"Spiritual life is not about knowing much, but about loving much."
- Jack Kornfield

How can we be sure that we are getting messages from the spiritual guides and not from some other forces, such as evil ones?

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance."
- Galatians 5:22-23

Spirit guides speak to us in an encouraging, motivating, helpful way. If you are receiving guidance that seems dark, evil, or negative you’ll know you are not speaking to your guides. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you are in a high vibration when you connect with your guides. Be in a state of love, joy, or gratitude first, then meditate, then connect.
But if at any time you feel a negative energy coming to you, disconnect as it is not your spirit guides.

What advice would you give on how each of us could tune in to our own intuition and connect with our guides, ask them for insights and wisdom?

Stop Saying You Aren't Psychic, Because You Are - Erin Pavlina

There are four clair abilities that people can use to enhance their intuitive muscles. Everyone has these abilities. People just don't know how to access them, but it could be learned.

Clairvoyance, which means clear-seeing, where you will receive images, visions or metaphorical dream-like videos that play in your mind, that contain messages from your guides.

Clairaudience, which is clear-hearing, where you will hear your guides speaking to you in your mind, much like the little voice in the back of your head.

Clairsentience, which means clear-feeling, where you will receive indicators in your own body like nervousness, excitement, joy, or fear that will help you understand a situation better.

Claircognizance, which is clear-knowing, where you will download information from the guides instantly, and it will come with a sense of certainty. You’ll just know that you know but you won't know how you know.

For more on this check out Erin's:
- video "What are the four clairs of psychic ability?” »
- article How to Recognize Your Intuitive Modality
- article "How to Develop Claircognizance" »

Orkut Scraps - AngelsHow can we strengthen our intuitive muscles?

Practice! Just like with our real muscles you’ve got to use them or lose them. Spend time each day connecting and communicating with your guides to receive insight from them. If you sign up for my free newsletter you’ll receive a meditation you can use to do that.

I also recommend listening to your gut feelings for 30 days in a row and see what happens when you follow your intuition. It’s quite eye-opening and will strengthen the connection between you and your guides.

Most people are receiving intuitive insights, but they are not aware that they are. Then, even when they are aware that they are receiving intuitive guidance, they don't act on it because they don't always trust the information, or it flies in the face of logic. So I like to tell people to actively listen to, trust, and act upon their intuition for 30 days to strengthen their intuitive muscles. Meditate, connect with your guides, ask them for insights and wisdom, and trust their counsel.

Being intuitive does not guarantee you a perfect life free of pain or humiliation. Staying tuned in all the time or checking with intuition every moment is too tiring. I trust my guides to get important and urgent messages to me when they need to. My guides do not want to rob me of the gift of free will, so I’m totally free to make dumb decisions any time I want to. It adds spice to life.

Do you receive psychic information on finances and do you think it is reliable?

You can receive intuitive guidance on any topic you discuss with your guides. When I do readings for clients, they sometimes ask how to improve their finances. Their guides will tell them what they need to do to make those improvements, then it’s up to the client to put the advice into practice.

Can you give us an example of how a spiritual guide helped you or someone else either to solve a financial issue or advance financially?

I’ve had clients who ask for investment advice, or where to put their money to receive the highest return. I recall in one case the client was part of a small group of people buying a large apartment building. At one point his guides told him to pull the money out because one of the partners was about to be involved in a legal situation that would tie up all the investors’ money. A short while later, one of the partners was hit with a tax lien, tying up the project for everyone. But my client sold his share before that happened.


In your experience, have the spirit guides ever given an advice in finances that turned out to be a bad one, making a person lose money rather than gain? I recall I read somewhere you mentioning you going bankrupt at some point, I wonder how could that happen if you more than others have spiritual guides guiding you and advising you in such financial matters too? I know you have written there that you realized you needed this experience to learn something from that, which you did. But does it mean that spirit guides intentionally give us a bad advice so that we can suffer and learn something from it?

Guides never give bad advice and they never want us to intentionally suffer. But just as a parent will tell a child to wear a jacket when it's cold, sometimes the child stubbornly refuses, not believing it will be that cold outside. The child will learn and hopefully wear a jacket the next time, but still can decide not to if they want to.

We went bankrupt because the publisher we had a contract with went bankrupt and couldn't pay us the money they owed us for work we had already done. I did receive a warning that this was going to happen but there was nothing we could do about it and had to ride the wave to its natural conclusion. It’s like finding out there is an earthquake coming but you can't stop the earthquake, you can only prepare for its arrival.

How come your spirit guides didn't warn you before you got involved with that publisher? Didn't your spirit guides warn you or tell you beforehand that you shouldn't use that publisher in the first place because eventually it would lead you to bankruptcy?

Since nothing is set in stone and the future is not pre-determined, when we got involved with our publisher in the first place everything was fine. As things started to change and the publisher made decisions that weren't good for it financially, that started a ripple effect so that our product could never be published. A warning was sent to us but we thought wed be okay. We were not. :)
Guides are concerned about your growth, and not necessarily about your comfort.

When you have people asking about their issue with finances, what are the type of answers you receive from their spiritual guides? Do they give specific guidelines on how to go about improving their financial situation and even achieve financial freedom?

Yes, for some folks there is a very clear path of practical steps they can take to achieve financial freedom. For some, there are emotional blocks or beliefs that must be cleared first. You’ve got to trust your guides to get you through the maze. Some people are closer to the goal than others.

We already know that in order to achieve financial freedom we need to fulfill our life’s purpose/mission, use our intuition and virtues (not just our knowledge and skills), serve others, rely on ourselves for income, possibly have multiple streams of income, some of which should be passive income, live within our means, budget, invest rather than save, first sow then reap (first give then take)... We all know what to do but with the “how” part many of us struggle. What could spiritual guides tell us on that?

They would say to achieve financial freedom you must provide value for others, consistently and often. The formula is: do what you love, that you’re good at, that provides value for others.

From a spiritual perspective, money is not a necessary component to a fun and fulfilling life. But for those who desire money, it is easy to obtain if you are in alignment with yourself and can give of your talents.

I agree with this formula, however I am also aware that this formula hasn't worked for many people who still struggle financially although they do what they love, what they’re good at and what provides value for others, so we would appreciate if you could explain this matter further.

Doing what you love and what you’re good at is not enough. Many people assume they provide value to others but that is likely not the case if people are unwilling to pay them for what they’re offering. They need to adjust the “value” component of the equation until they hit on something that others feel is valuable to them. Further reading »

Can spirit guides reveal what we are supposed to do professionally, what is our life’s mission? Could people who don't know what they are supposed to do professionally ask you for a reading and find it out from spirit guides? I don't mean the abstract answers that each person is born to either make impact or learn something or to experience life in a physical body. I mean, do the spirit guides say to a person what they are born to do exactly, as in which profession?

Orkut Scraps - AngelsDuring readings, if you ask your guides what your life purpose is, they are going to tell you why you chose to incarnate. If you want to know what career to choose, they will give you options that align with your intention. It is a mistake to believe that your life purpose is a specific career. Nobody incarnates deciding in advance what their career will be. Once you have insight into why you’re really here, you can consciously select a career path that will help you achieve it, but there are situations and conditions where your career path has nothing to do with your life intention, so you don't want to make an assumption there that your career and life purpose are joined.

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